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Start Your Scentsy Wickless Candle Business!
Scentsy candles are available in the US, Canada,
the United Kingdom and Germany.

Are you looking for a fun and easy way to earn some extra money?  Contact me to sell The Hottest New Thing in Candles -- Become a Scentsy Consultant! A great company, fantastic products that practically sell themselves, low start-up costs, tons of incentives, lots of benefits and so much more!

Build your Scentsy business locally, online, via home or basket parties, one on one and etc.  The possibilities are endless for those who are dedicated to working and growing their business.

Request your FREE Business Review E-Book to discover whether this business could be the one that changes your life from ordinary to extraordinary!

Our E-Book provides complete details, free and with no obligation, to assist you in determining whether you want to join us as an Independent Consultant.


Our company is exciting in a number of ways...

  • Quality products at affordable pricing.
  • A young company with lots of growth potential.
  • Exclusive Team Member training area.
  • You can build long-term residual income
  • You are not forced to purchase products monthly to stay in business.

In addition, our team offers extensive team training filled with valuable tools, webinars, conference calls and chats to grow your business.  Click here to learn more about our training.

Like to know a little about me first - Click here to read my story.

What's in Your Scentsy Starter kit? - Click here for details.

How do you get started?

- Join Scentsy Online:  Go to (opens in new window)

- Call Me: 888-227-9647

- Email Me:

- Chat with Me Online - Click Here!

- Request your Free Scentsy Info Packet by completing the form to your rightAfter completing the form, please check your email and click the confirmation link.  Once confirmed your info will be sent shortly.


Diane Drayer
Independent Scentsy Super Star Director & Founder's Circle Member

P.S. We respect your privacy and will hold your personal information in the strictest confidence, using it only to provide you with details about our business. We do not share your information with any other organization or company.

Join Scentsy today!  Scroll to the bottom and select your country, then follow the process.  Thank you for visiting my website.

Scentsy is also available in Germany, the U.K. (United Kingdom) and Canada!

Scentsy launched in Canada (Oct. 1st 2009) and is experiencing tremendous growth.  Many Consultants in Canada are enjoying success while sharing our wickless products with customers across Canada.  Scentsy is available in Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Manitoba, British Columbia, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan. Alberta, Newfoundland and Labrador.

Scentsy is also creating new opportunities for those in the U.K. (England, Scotland, Nova Scotia, Wales, and Nothern Ireland} and Germany.  Scentsy recently launched in those countries in April 2011.  Scentsy provides a unique home based business model for anyone who desires to build a successful direct sales business.   

You can start Selling Scentsy, the minute your join!  Your kit will arrive shortly, however your website is immediately online along with many online tools to help you get started.  If you are interested in this fantastic opportunity, click here to learn more about Scentsy's opportunity in the United Kingdom or Germany.

Ready to learn more? 
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After completing the form, please check your email and click the confirmation link.  Once confirmed your info will be sent immediately.

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