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Scentsy Compensation

How Much Can I Earn?

As with any business, what you earn depends on the time and effort you put into working your home business.  Your Scentsy business can be a part-time or full time career.  The choice is yours. 

How Do I Get Started?

Once you enroll as a new Scentsy Consultant, you receive a three-month FREE subscription to your own personal Scentsy website. At the end of your free months your website is only $15 US a month or $18 Canada. The website is optional and can be added or canceled at anytime.  Your website is a vital and powerful tool for your business.  This is how you will generate online sales, sponsor, and add a professional touch to your business. 

There are many ways to launch and build your Scentsy business.  Some Consultants work strictly online, others love on-the-go parties, home parties, and events.  The choice is yours.  The key will be consistency in your business.  Set aside time weekly, even if just a few hows, to market your business.  Share your scent testers and catalogs that come in your Starter Kit.  Take flyers with your everywhere.  The more you share, the more you grow and earn!  Plus, as a Scentsy Consultant you can host your own Home or Online Party and receive the Host Awards with a qualifying party of $200 or more!  

Scentsy offers two Fast Start programs; Shooting Star and Scentsational Start.  New Consutlants have the opportunity to earn  discounted and free products!  Both of these qualifying awards start the day you enroll as an Independent Scentsy Consultant.  Consultants who earn these incentives not only benefit from the awards, but earn national recognition from Scentsy.

Support and Training

Once you enroll as Scensty Consultant you will have full support from not only myself, but also fellow Scentsy Consultants within our team of knowledgeable Consultants.  We have a a supportive network in the form of an online group on Facebook. In addition, Scentsy offers a valuable Training Center online making it easy to learn 24/7.  I am here to help you as much or little as you want.  I will reach out to and encourage you to contact with any questions you have.

When You Join Our Scentsy Team You Receive:

  • One on One Support and Training
  • Access to our Team Facebook group
  • Access to marketing images and ideas
  • Online Training
  • Call, text or email me for help!

Ready to get started?  Order your Starter Kit Here!