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Thank You for Stopping by on Your Way to Living Your Dream!

Welcome to my about me page!  That's me in the picture, photo bombing a few friends at a Scentsy convention.  I know you thought, "Why not check this gal out"?  What else do I have to read today?  And you are probably thinking if I were to be your Scentsy Sponsor, shouldn't I know something about her?  Afterall, they do say pick your Sponsor wisely, right?  Well than, let's get to reading this about "Me" stuff!

When did I launch my Scentsy business? 
October 2006.  Yep!  Definately some time ago.  Some might say I am an old-timer, out-dated, older than dirt, or many other colorful and creative adjectives.  I like to think of myself as fine whiskey; aged to perfection with time.  Just for the record, I have never liked alcohol.  With that said, maybe at my age it would help with the aches and pains a bit.  It's never too late to try something new!

Why did I join Scentsy?
Well, it is kind of a long story.  The short version is I joined so many companies that I finally lost count and I can count pretty high.  Just saying I know how to count, but well it became such a long list it was simply best to quit counting.  I can't honestly say I was an overachiever with any of them, but I sure liked buying those Starter Kits.  My husband wasn't as happy about that as I was, but well that is history so they say.  Moving on now to my why.

I researched various candle companies, ordered products from a few, and selected Scentsy as the candle company for me. My reason for wanting to sell candles was due to the fact candles are consumable; think re-orders!  Plus, candles are hugely popular and found in most homes. With all my jumping from company to company, one thing I learned was selling a consumable product was smarter than selling a product a person would only buy once!  Example: That perfect picture for just the right wall space or a set of cookware.  Ok, I still love my cookware and buy occassionally from my local Rep.  As for that picture, well I am pretty sure it was sold in a garage sale a long, long time ago.  Back to why I chose Scentsy!  I could also see the marketing potential in a flameless candle.  Think of all the places a flame free candle can travel as opposed to a wicked candle (offices, dorms, hotel rooms, schools, etc.). 

After my Scentsy Starter Kit arrived, I have to admit I wasn't quick to get started. I sold a small amount each month and slowly started to build my team. It took a full 6 to 8 months before I picked up the pace.  That's the great thing about a home business; you can set your own hours and schedule.  I have to admit, I was sick of working for corporate America, building a business for others, and still struggling to pay the bills.  Being a mom of a child with Autism, I needed a flexible schedule with better pay, but most of all I needed to be home and available for my family.  I yearned for something more. 

What did I learn? You will never change until living the way you are is no longer acceptable!  Read that again: YOU will never change until living the way you are is no longer acceptable!  I mean seriously!  Until you are so tired of being broke, hating your job and your life, nothing will change.  Someone could have given me the opportunity of a lifetime and if I wasn't ready, it wouldn't have mattered.  I would still be tired, broke, and working for someone else.  And looking back, I wasted a lot of missed opportunities to change my life.  Sadly, acceptance is easier than believing you are worthy of something better and going for it, despite what your friends or family might think or say.  And trust me!  I was the topic of many friends and family's dinner conversations! 

How did I build my Scentsy business?  Mostly online and locally around my already busy lifestyle and family. Has it been easy? No! Early in my career, I wondered if all the hard work was worth it. However, I made a promise to myself that quitting wasn't an option although I did have to fight that familiar urge. Let's be honest here; quitting is the easiest path and hence why most of us take it.  We justify our behavior by finding a plethora of reasons why it didn't work out; my sponsor didn't help me, no one wanted the products, not enough hours in the day and so on, and so on, and so on.  We can always find a reason to quit.  The possibilities are endless!  It is when we quit (no pun intended), giving ourselves excuses to fail, change happens. 

How did I stopped myself from quitting?  I read!  Yes, I read, and read so more.  I went to the library because that's what broke people do.  It was cheaper than buying all those books and cassette tapes (dating myself with this word).  I had to change my stinkin' thinking!  I listened to Jim Rohn during my commute to a job I really, really hated!  Before I left for work, I got up 30 minutes earlier in the morning to read from a self help book.  I still love Les Brown's book, "Live Your Dreams".  To this day, it helped me well, live my dreams.  I read, "Think and Grow Rich", by Napoleon Hill.  And I have read, and read, and read that book.  Over the years I have never quit reading.  Reading is powerful so why not read something that could help you change your stinkin' thinking?

How is life 15 years after joining Scentsy?  No comparison.  I cannot tell you how great it is to have FREEDOM.  Freedom to come and go as I please.  Freedom to take a day off, have lunch with a friend, and travel.  Most importantly, freedom to be present with the people who matter most.  It is priceless.  No amount of words can tell you how it feels to have the freedom to choose what each new day brings.  It is a blessing like no other. 

Doug, my husband, is still with me.  What a blessing he wasn't a quitter like I was. No amount of love can ever repay someone's belief in you. Today, we still are amazed at how far we have come from those rough early days.  We both cannot imagine our lives today without the wonderful group of team members who inspire and push us to make goals, work hard and keep building. We will forever be grateful for their friendship, wisdom, and support. With their help and leadership, our group has grown into an international organization comprised of Consultants across the US, Canada, Australia and Europe. This is something we could have never done alone.  We thank each of them for this beautiful life.

Well, that is enough about me.  Thank you for stopping by on the way to your future.  I hope I have inspired you today.  Please read and read some more, believe in yourself, and don't quit! 

Dream It! Do It!  It's Your Time to Shine!

Diane Drayer
Independent Scentsy SuperStar Director
816-786-1564 Call/Text


P.S.  If you made it this far and are looking for something else to read try: Unstoppable: 45 Stories of Perseverance and Triumph by Cynthia Kersey.  I have had this book for countless years.  I still have my original copy and it is my go to for something uplifting.  It never gets old and the stories will inspire you.