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Host a Scentsy Party!

Why Host a Scentsy Party?

Maybe you are like me and love to get your favorite products FREE or half-price!  Let me help you save on your Scentsy products when you host a Scentsy Party.  I am located in the greater Harrisonville | Kansas City, Missouri, area and ready to help you!   Don't live in my area or not interesed in a home/basket party?  Let me host an online Zoom or Facebook Party for you!  You and your guests never have to leave home!  

Hosts earn rewards based on the total sales from their party.  It’s a great way to get Scentsy products for half-price or free with earned product credits.   Plus, it’s fun!  In addition, there are a variety of ways you can Host a party:

  • Home Party
  • Basket Party
  • Facebook Party
  • Zoom Party
  • Text Party
  • Themed Party
  • And More!

Contact me for complete details here!

Scentsy Host Awards - FREE and 1/2 PRICE

You start earning Free and 1/2 Price products when your party reaches a minimum of $200 US, in sales.  In addition, shipping is FREE to one address (Host or Consultant).  However, Guests can order through the your (Host) party link and have their orders shipped directly to them making it easy for out of town family and friends to participate in your Scentsy Party.

Earn Scentsy Starter Kit

Earn Yor Kit Option!  

Did you know you can host a party and earn a Scentsy Starter Kit?  Ask me about our new Earn a Kit program. You can apply your free product credit toward a Host-Exclusive Starter Kit to enroll as a Scentsy Consultant! 

The Earn Your Kit options is an ideal way to launch  your own Scentsy business.

Contact me to get started!