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Saturday, February 03 2018

Hello, Everyone!

February is a very busy month in Scentsy.  We have so much to offer customers and those thinking about starting their own Scentsy business. 

What's happening this month:

1) 10% Off on Almost Every Scentsy Product - Shop Here

2) Join in February with our Escential Starter Kit for only $49 US/$64 CAD - More Info Here!

3) Buy a Diffuser for 10% OFF and Get 3, FREE OILS!  Buy Yours Here!

4) New Limited Edition Scentsy Buddy, Calypso the Unicorn

It's a great month to stock up on your favorites or try something new like our Scentsy Bath Bombs!

If you have questions, please contact me here!

Diane Drayer
Independent Scentsy Super Star Director

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