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Scentsy Bars, Electric Warmers, Diffusers, and more!

Scentsy is a trend setting company offering beautifully designed electric candle warmers, fragrant scent bars, diffusers, natural blend and essential oils, body, laundry products, and our ever popular Scentsy Buddies.  With over 90 plus scents and our portable Fragrance on the Go products, there is something for everyone.  Order Scentsy online with our direct ship to your home option or schedule a home, basket, or online Scentsy Party today!  Buy Scentsy Products - Shop Here!

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Popular Scentsy Products & Promotions

Host a Scentsy Party!

Scentsy Earn a Starter Kit

When you Host a Scentsy qualifying Party you can earn Free Scentsy, plus 1/2 Price products.  There are a variety of ways to host your own party:  online, basket or home.  As your Consultant, I do all the work for you!  All you need to do it Host a Party is connect with your friends and family so they can shop Scentsy products. Sometimes the Host also provides a party location (often at home), but the only real requirement to be a Host is to provide the guest list!  I will send the invites and setup your party! 

Learn more about hosting your own Scentsy Party - Click Here!

Scentsy Whiff Box

Scentsy Whiff Box Image

Our Scentsy Whiff Box is a monthly hand-picked assortment of Scentsy fragrances and product lines of new, trending and seasonal items. Every month's assortment is a fun surprise! 

What can you expect?

  • 5 to 8 samples sand full-size consumable items (aka the stuff that runs out) in each box.
  • You’ll always get Scentsy wax in single-use samples and/or a Scentsy Bar or two.
  • Remaining contents vary depending on items available in your country, either from Scentsy Laundry, Clean, Body or on-the-go products.
  • Your Scentsy Whiff Box arrives in a unique Scentsy-branded package containing a product information insert and a “sniff preview” of the next Scent of the Month! 

Order your Whiff Box online!

Scentsy Hope Blooms Charity Warmer

Our Hope Blooms Warmer is a fun, Scandinavian-inspired pattern sure to bring a folk-art feel to any space, while supporting a worthy cause. From Aug. 1, 2021, to Jan. 31, 2022, we’ll donate $9.50 from each sale to the Scentsy Family Foundation, a 501(c)(3) that provides critical funding to nonprofit organizations in North America.   When you buy Hope Blooms, we’ll make a donation to a nonprofit organization in North America.  Order online!

Scentsy Spring & Summer 2022 - Coming February 1st!

Watch for our new Scentsy products coming soon!  Below are a few of what we have to offer. 

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Offering over 90 scents, warmers and fragrance products designed to enliven and warm your home.

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Scentsy Fragrance Systems

Warmers, Diffusers, Scentsy Go and more.  Check out our product line for home fragrance delivery systems.

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Join Scentsy

Set a schedule that works for you, when you join Scentsy as an Independent Consultant! 

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